Enroll your child in a respectful environment that embraces each unique child.

The Children’s House community is comprised of children between the ages of 2 to 5 years. Each child has the same Guide during their Children's House years. Some of the benefits of a Montessori environment setting are the opportunities for children to learn from one another and develop respect for others of different ages and abilities. Younger children observe advanced work by watching older children while older children reinforce their knowledge by sharing it with younger children.

In Montessori room, children are given the opportunity to work in a space prepared specifically for them using materials designed to meet their development needs which facilitate maximum independent learning and exploration.

Children are free to choose work the Guide has presented to them from the areas of practical life, sensorial, mathematics, and language, encompassing culture, art, music, geography, and more. Children's House is a social environment where children learn to cooperate, share, and help others.