We will make every attempt to stay open and service you. However, in the case of snow please check your email often WE FOLLOW THE HOWARD COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOL INCLEMENT OF WEATHER ALERT. PLEASE NOTE THAT Snow days are not made up at a later date. Refunds are not available for snow days.

1.    When Howard County Public Schools are closed, I.C.H will be closed.

2.    When Howard County Public Schools are open two to three hours late, I.C.H will open at 10am.

3.    We will use the emails and Brightwheel message to alert parents of an early closing.

4.    If a snowstorm hits mid-day, parents are asked to make every attempt to pick up their child early.

5.    If a storm hits mid-day, and I.C.H must close, parents will pick up their children as soon as possible.